About us



Abiomics Europe was founded to make the intellectual properties and technologies developed by the GenaGrid research group accessible to all of our academic or industry partners who face the challenges of managing and analyzing complex life science data. Our specialists at Abiomics Europe have all the skills and infrastructure to support clinical, biomedical, pharma and biotech research and development projects where information technology challenges arise. The profile of the company consists among others:

  • Systems Biology consultation services
  • Adaptive study design
  • Bioinformatics and biostatistics analysis
  • Biomarker discovery technologies
  • IT support for drug repositioning
  • Text Mining technologies
  • Clinical and pharma decision support technologies
  • Biobanking and very large scale probabilistic knowledge bases

With the leading technologies of the research group we aim to reach the international market, but we are intended on cooperating with all the Hungarian life science and pharma research groups who don’t have a professional in-house bioinformatics or biostatistics group.